The wait is over.

Sep 30 | Posted by: Bennett

Dear Friends, fans, foes and everyone else in-between.



August 20th, 2013. That was the last official studio release from us. It's been a long time coming! We've gone through many changes, as individuals and as a team. But we think for the better.


2 years ago we spent time writing, recording and crafting an EP. But after receiving the final product, none of us were satisfied with what we heard. We realized quickly that we had not been nearly intentional or thorough as we should have been. It caused some serious soul searching and self reflection amongst ourselves.


So we took a few months to rewrite, reconfigure, and decide who we wanted to become and where to go. So we locked ourselves in a cabin for a week in the UP and wrote many of the new tunes. We were proud of them, but knew that they still had room to grow.


So we sought out some teachers, and spent long hours in the studio all of July in 2014. Working with Konrad Snyder and Gabe Simon. Two people that totally broke us out of our creative box. We went to them with a vision and idea for how we wanted to progress our sound, and they worked tirelessly alongside of us to make our dream a reality.


Things are finally unfolding. And we can't wait for you to hear. On October 7th, our new single "Give A Little Love" will be released, and shortly there after, the rest of the EP.


Stay tuned.


Love, Bennett

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