Breaking the silence

Jun 14 | Posted by: Bennett

Sorry for the silence, friends.  

It's been an interesting year thus far for the boys in Bennett, and we appreciate your patience. We're updating you today to tell you that we're still alive and well. And we hope you're the same. 

Our new single "One Love" was launched yesterday and we are very proud of it. It's close to our hearts because it's the first track we've recorded, written, and produced all on our own. It is also the first track we've released as a two piece. Today, we’re officially announcing that Nick Warren has left the band to pursue his own endeavors, and we wish him the absolute best of luck. 

Please let us know what you think; if you enjoy it, you and all of your friends should know that you can get it for free download on our Soundcloud.


Enjoy, and stay tuned for lots of new music in the near future


- Nick and Josiah

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